Raising Wisconsin Women’s Voices

Learn about the Health Insurance Marketplace & your new coverage options through Obamacare


WWW Display BoardWisconsin Women: Get Covered!

Wisconsin women have much at stake in the debate over health care reform. The current American health care system has consistently failed to provide access to needed care for many girls and women. It has also created tremendous challenges for the women who coordinate health care for our families.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health is a proud supporter of and is serving as the regional coordinator for the National Raising Women’s Voices Collaborative and a state partner of the National Women’s Law Center and is working to ensure women’s health care is represented in the health care reform debate in Wisconsin.


Affordable Care Act 101: What the New Health Care Law Means for Wisconsin Women

WAWH is committed to helping women understand how the new health care law will impact them and their families. We’ve put together this Affordable Care Act 101resource to help explain the benefits of the new law.
On September 23, 2010, the following new changes in health care delivery went into effect that will help Wisconsin women and their families:

  1. Employees with family policies can opt for coverage of their adult children up to age 26 who are uninsured
  2. Insurance companies will be required to cover preventive services for all people such as cancer screenings, immunizations and colonoscopies
  3. Sick children cannot be turned down for coverage because of their condition
  4. There will no longer be lifetime limits on essential benefits, so people can now get the health care they need without worrying about when they’ll hit their “maximum” limit of coverage
  5. Insurance companies will no longer be able to use “failure to report past health history” as a reason to rescind coverage, except in cases of fraud



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